"It was this ability to transform the old into the new, the non-existent into a reality that brought me here"
"I remember my blood boiling when passing alongside a construction site"
"Deciding to invest in new interior design to change the product display is a gamble… and it increases sales. I like to generate changes"
"I like hammocks... not for sunbathing... but to feel the moon"


I am passionate about interior design

My name is Marta. I have almost 20 years’ experience in my backpack. Heart, emotion and over 30 completed projects: optical centres, pharmacies, multi-brand stores, hotels, family houses. My specialty is to make the interior design of optical centres something truly remarkable.

Why an interior designer? Perhaps you have wondered about the need for our services. Interior design is not just for big projects!

Our work can bring you: balance, design, coordination and better prices. Why?

1st: WE COORDINATE TO PERFECTION: Teams do their work in less time.

2nd. WE WORK WITHOUT SURPRISES: We work at the highest level of demand, so it is not necessary to amend mistakes (again, we save time).

3rd. WE OPTIMIZE TIME: Everyone does what they should do, in the correct way and at the right moment.

4th. PEACE OF MIND: Because the client does not need to deal with contractors. We take care of all the arrangements. .

A wish? We would love working with you. From the word go, we never lose sight of the goal, or the profitability of your business. On the other hand, LaMarta’s projects can be as scalable as you want.



Let me tell you a story

I remember that “I seethed”
while passing alongside a construction site


I remember “my blood boiling when passing alongside a construction site…”
It is this ability to transform “the old” into “the new”, the “non-existent” into a “reality” that brought me here.

In 1997, I started my first interior design studio called M2G: it was an exciting journey.
I also ran my own business as a franchisee (Midas Auto Repair Services) and as an owner (of optical centres) too. Again, the challenge of profitable dreams – still alive today.

And now, a new interior design studio is born, named LaMarta.Run by my own team, with me deeply involved. With a unique methodology. I think in terms of team building. I think in terms of economic management, thanks to the businesses I have worked with (restaurants, shops and services). I listen to my clients, blending emotions and needs. There are no big projects, no small ones… only great achievements.

We laugh together: my clients call me “la Marta”.



LaMarta has implemented more than 30 projects.
Not all the photos are there, but all our projects are.

5 pillars

In nearly 20 years, we have learned how to put ourselves in your shoes, and in your head and heart as well. We manage “vital projects” in most cases, so our “credo” has five pillars:

We put ourselves in your shoes: maximum effort to capture the ideas and concerns to create a good project from the beginning.

Managers and facilitators: from the beginning to the delivery of the project, 100 % of the responsibility and dialogue depends on one person: Marta.

Transparent:at LaMarta, we call everything by its name; we know that each person is a specialist in his or her own business.

Deadlines: at LaMarta, the implementation schedule is planned with excellence. We deliver the project ready to start the day after completion.

With business vision: we want to help you by adding extra sales in your profit and loss account.

Therefore, LaMarta has developed its own working methodology, coffee included. From the first meeting, we will connect and listen to the project as if it was ours.

Interested? Let’s talk about it! 660 379 078

At this point you should ask: what are the next steps?


You have the idea but don’t know how to start: we will develop it.


We will make an economic evaluation of the draft in order that you can have a cost reference at any time.


This is the final and most creative phase; we will design all the plans not only for a better understanding of the whole project but also for accurate work. We will schedule precise deadlines.

Construction management

This is the phase in which the project is carried out; we will always be providing and managing a competitive and responsible team.


We understand that the circumstances of each client will be different, so we have grouped our services into three main sections:



We propose an alternative interior design that suits your business.


We optimize distribution; we create; we relocate furniture and design ad hoc spaces, both in homes for living in and residential promotions.


Want to build a pool, a garden or a new patio? But you don’t know how to start? LaMarta will handle everything.


We are familiar with big companies. We propose and implement replicable changes that turn brands from good into great.


Often a reform in interior design will be enhanced by a change and / or evolution of the logo and the graphic image of the brand.


At LaMarta, we individually dimension each project, calibrating needs, optimizing and adjusting equipment costs. Today, after years of working together, we are no longer partners, but a real crew. How fantastic it is to work with such a great little team!

… And many others.
Thank you for your commitment to doing things right.


It is in these few lines of gratitude where the story of a project started there at the end of 2019 culminates, which took place during 2020 in the context of a pandemic that almost collapsed the world. From our very motivating but very unspecific original idea, Marta carries out an exhaustive work that translates the speculative into tangible, managing and supervising any matter down to the smallest detail. With an outstanding imaginative stream she has been able to present us with multiple options in any eventuality, making it easy to actively get involved in our own project. LaMarta and her technical team have shown us with her work the absolute right of having placed our illusion in their hands; excellent even in really complicated situations, it's like having comprehensive insurance. Again, thanks for everything. Angels and Eduard

Angels and Eduard, Housing

Entrusting Marta with the renovation of our flat has been a totally right decision. He has managed to make real all the ideas we had in mind in an exceptional way. Decision making could not have been easier and more comfortable thanks to their full willingness and dedication to the project. All the workers who have contributed to the reform have been very professional. We are very grateful and would not hesitate to contact you again! Jordi and Montse

Jordi and Montse, Housing

Marta took care of the renovation of our house and we were very happy. It is serious, responsible and very efficient. The value for money is good. The professionals who have come have done a quality job and without delays. Our relationship with Marta was always fluid and we understood each other very well from the beginning. Another thing in his favor is that he meets the deadlines he gives. When works are done it is difficult. Jordi Guitart

Jordi Guitart, Housing

From the first moment Marta knew how to perfectly capture my idea and empathize with my style, in addition to improving the project with ideas from a great interior designer. In the execution of the works, she becomes a true director in terms of deadlines and finishes. Marta is a person who turns the profession of interior design and decoration into an essential service for the improvement of people's lives. She made my dream come true. Infinite thanks. Marcel Cremades

Marcel Cremades, Diseño y reforma integral vivienda en Segur de Calafell

We gave Marta the keys to the premises and within the agreed time we re-opened the optical centre. Perfectionist, foresighted, demanding, with a good team and constant monitoring of the evolution of the process. No surprises. Design and excellent finish. A great success.

Antonio García and Montse López, Monòptic (Cubelles)

When you want to carry out a refurbishing project, everything is complicated: the bustle of the works, closed doors, money... and the most important thing: ‘Will it be like I imagined?’ With Marta everything has been easy; providing solutions, and, above all, providing them in line with budget and delivery times. Undoubtedly, a great professional. P.S.: the ‘feeling’ was important for me from the first meeting.”

Pere Sànchez, Opticalia (Vila Olímpica - Barcelona)

I was very happy with her work. I needed to freshen the face and particularly add a new and fresh air to my business and I really got it. Perhaps most important was the sensitivity the first day we met. I think you know very well how to capture my mood and personal view, and especially where we wanted to go. It is necessary to highlight the professionalism in execution and the delivery of the work as agreed. I could go on holiday and in 13 days I could reopen my ‘new’ place. Best regards

Lluís Rius, Òptica Rius (Tremp - Lleida)

I had little time to open the optical centre. In two months, we opened. Results, in addition to being fast, were efficient and totally adapted to my needs. No headache, no worries... Delivery terms were met, with a shop perfectly finished and clean. Excellent work that must be taken into account in future.

Rosa María Domingo, Centre Òptic del Bages (Manresa)

Choosing Marta García to remodel my pharmacy was the best decision I made; it was really rewarding. She has a highly professional and very good team. Especially important to remark: she finished the project according to plan and delivered the store in a clean condition to start work the next day. If I need an interior designer in the future I will definitely call her. Thanks, Marta.

Marta Nadal Grau, Farmàcia Marta Nadal (Barcelona)

Sometimes things are very complicated for Marta when she is doing her job. She has to convince us of something we cannot see or touch. Let her advise you, as if you were dancing a waltz. Marta is very professional and captures the essence of what you want; her savoir-faire… everything, absolutely everything is perfect. Use of space, impeccable details, synchronization with operators… everything as expected! We are very happy and truly satisfied with the result. Call us!

Carles Barceló Margalef, Centre Òptic Salou (Tarragona)


And of course, thanks to our clients… without them we could not keep on going. Thank you for giving us opportunities and for coming back to us. Thanks for your confidence and for letting us implement valuable work: it allows us to do a good job.

Not all of our clients have logos, but we are proud of all of you.


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